Marti Townsend and Ikaika M L Hussey rounded up some of the key grassroots leaders in Hawaii to meet with Jane Sanders, wife to American Presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders.

Danny Bishop, Kalo Farmer and President of Onipa’a na Hui Kalo, Trisha Kehaulani Watson-Sproat, Kyle Kajihiro, Bianca Isaki, Shelley Muneoka, Lori Halemano, Will Caron, Nomi Carmona, Napua Ke, Noelani Arista… just to name a few of the 20+ folks who had a chance to kukakuka….

I took that moment to share the tremendous work that Aha Aloha Aina has been doing in the community… funded by the will of the people and aloha alone. INDEPENDENCE… uncompromised.

American politics can be a dirty basket and voting always seems to me like I’m saying that I was fooled into thinking their system was created to help us. On the other hand, compared to building sustainable food systems for Hawaii Independence… easy. So,I do it under duress

Some say who gives a damn about American politics, we’re an Independent nation! Well… any small nation that plans on being a neutral, diplomatic country in the middle of the Pacific. Not a bad idea to start working on International relations.