Written by Keala Kelly

2 years ago, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs CEO Kamana’opono Crabbe sent a letter dated May 5, 2014 to Secretary of State John Kerry—in it, he questioned the legitimacy of US jurisdiction in Hawaii and requested proof of how the Hawaiian Kingdom was legally annexed to the United States.

Rather than answer the question and prove once and for all that the US legally annexed Hawaii, President Obama hastily ordered that the DOI hold public hearings in Hawaii to discuss federal recognition. Literally, within 2 months of Mr. Crabbe’s letter, hearings on 5 islands went on for 2 weeks. Thousands of Hawaiians came out, but only hundreds were able to testify. 95% of the Hawaiians who spoke out were opposed to any notion of federal recognition or state and federal interference in our right to self determination.

Since then, Obama and his DOI have been inventing processes and manipulating data to create the illusion that the Hawaiian people want to be a tribe. And OHA, a state agency that has spent tens of millions of dollars trying to force federal recognition down our throats, has spent even more money with their fake Kanaiolowalu list, their fake Naʻi Aupuni elections, and their fake Naʻi Aupuni ʻAha 2016 Constitution.

Today, President Obama and the democratic party’s Hawaii delegation in DC announced that they now have a process. But all they are really doing is covering up the crime of the illegal, US overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom’s government in 1893—something they admitted to in 1993 federal legislation referred to as the Apology Resolution and Public Law 103-150.

Today, President Obama furthered the crime of the fake annexation and the crime of fake statehood.

Today, President Obama circumvented the legal processes that the US Congress is there for, so that he could personally sign an Executive Order and give fake recognition to federally chosen Hawaiians who do not represent the Hawaiian people.

Why? So that he, and whoever his successor is, can create a counterfeit settlement for the Crown and Government land of the Hawaiian Kingdom, the so-called ceded lands.

Today, President Obama spat in the face of every Hawaiian from Queen Liliuokalani down to us Hawaiians standing here right now.

The only Hawaiians this new federal lie will benefit are the ones who will make money off of it. There is nothing, and there never was anything in it for the Hawaiians who suffer from the poverty invented by the US occupation. Our people remain the most impoverished, with the highest rates of homelessness, incarceration, diabetes, cancer, suicide and on and on.

President Obama doesn’t give a damn about us and our homeland, which has been turned into the largest military command on earth, our aina which has been turned into the largest concentration of open field GMO test sites on earth, our aina which is constantly being desecrated and destroyed by US policies and corporations.

When we Hawaiians look at what is being done to us from the US government and corporations, all we see is total erasure and removal of us, total exploitation and theft of who we are and what belongs to us.

We are being devoured by resort lifestyles and the military takeover of our housing, so we can’t even afford to pay rent in our homeland. We are supposed to allow the ongoing desecration of what is the most sacred to us, places like Mauna Kea for the TMT project and places like Waialeale so that corporations can bottle our water and sell it. Rather than let us use our water to grow our food we are being forced to accept that 90% of everything we eat is shipped in from 2500 miles away.

This is unacceptable. We, as a people, cannot allow the United States and its greedy corporations and its bought off sellout Hawaiians to get away with this. If we allow this to go on our children and their children will pay the price.