What are the chances of a the Naʻi Aupuni Constitution being recognized via the DOI Rule?

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1. We know for a fact that Robin Danner and John Waihee Sr and their Nai Aupuni
Cronies stated over and over that the Nai Aupuni constitution and process was not being set up and created for the DOI Rule that creates a pathway for a government to government relationship with the Native Hawaiian community. We know now this is false. Other fallacies that they have spread is that they don‘t speak for Hawaiians but the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission testimonies to the DOI read otherwise. Both Danner and Waihee are Native Hawaiian Roll Commissioners who pillaged of thousands of Kanaka Maoli names from other rolls. I think we can conclude that they will say whatever they have to to push the Nai Aupuni nation through.

2. With nearly 7 million spent on the Nai Aupuni process and the Kanaiolowalu roll many of the biggest Nai Aupuni supporters and unelected delegates got a
Pay day. For people like Amy Kalili the head of Makauila and a Nai Aupuni unelected delegate the payout to her company (Makauila) was almost 3/4 of a million dollars. Waihee’s friend Norma Wong, a strategist for the Democratic Party, got $151,422. Norma is now pimping an Aloha Lahui 2 million dollar grant to Native American Nations. So I guess we can conclude that the failed campaigns for federal recognition have made a select few financially comfortable- and yes it’s all about money.

3. HR 3764 Tribal Recognition Act is moving through what will soon be a totally Republican Congress. This Act if passed would revoke the right of the DOI to federally recognize “Tribes” including Kanaka Maoli. With a Republican President coming into office in January new leadership will be appointed at the DOI. Right now everything is at a standstill at the DOI in terms of creating some sort of Native Hawaiian Tribe waiting on the new leadership and pending what happens with HR 3764.

Is federal recognition a reality soon to come to life for Kanaka? NO – not in this political climate. Has federal recognition really been achievable? Maybe for a moment under the Obama administration. That moment when the eye of the storm passes over – a calm quiet and short lived moment. It’s gone and the Trump reign of making America “White” again has begun. Let’s get real federal recognition under the DOI Rule ain’t happening. But there is still a lot of money that can still be made from federal recognition campaigns that lead nowhere. And if by some million to one chance the DOI Rule scheme might create a federally recognized “Native Hawaiian Tribe” the reality for Kanaka Maoli would be a situation worse than status quo – no lands except Kahoʻolawe and no restitution for the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom.