What? Why?

What’s “Nation Building”?

The state of Hawaiʻi and The United States of America’s push to create a Native American Tribe in Hawaiʻi to settle land ownership rights.   The latest incarnation is Naʻi Aupuni’s “Nation Building”.

What’s at stake?

All private property, from our homes to crown lands and un-ceded lands, and our Kingdom.

Without a treaty of annexation, and because recently in 1959, America illegally removed The Hawaiian Kingdom from a United Nations’ list of occupied countries to be decolonized with an illegal Statehood vote, the only institution which can convey title of any land is that of The Hawaiian Kingdom.

America is quite aware of this and is desperate to create a Native American tribe in Hawaiʻi so they can settle with officials of the tribe.  Then America can claim Hawaiians want integration with America by settling with this new tribal government.  

 Possible outcome one:

America exchanges Kahoʻolawe and the State Department of Hawaiian Homeland’s designated land to create a Native American reservation under rules of the DOI in exchange for settlement of America stealing Hawaiʻi.   Then America can claim title and convey title due to said settlement.   Everyone owns their homes and America owns the crown lands and un-ceded lands.  

 Possible outcome two:

We pause and educate ourselves.  We eventually decide restore the Hawaiian Kingdom, kick America out, and follow the UN’s procedures for decolonization.  The  Hawaiian Kingdom honors peoples title and everyone owns their land.  Well, at least everyone except for certain lands plantation companies stole through tax loopholes and lands which used to be owned by the Queen Emma trust which were also stolen.   This is not all planation land, only certain parcels illegitimately acquired.  Finally the Queen Emma Trust, charted with articles to provide free health care for all Hawaiians for eternity, only owned certain parcels such as where the international open marketplace was and is currently a construction site for major further development of Waikīkī.  We restore lease holdings to the Queen Emma and her articles of incorporation to provide free health care to all Hawaiians.

Why are some Kānaka pushing for this?

Certain Hawaiians are pushing hard for this in the State of Hawaii and it’s department OHA, and in private corporations.   Some companies and OHA have spent many millions of dollars on the Akaka Bill, Kau Inoa, Kanaʻiolowalu, to recently almost $4 million dollars to Naʻi Aupuni from OHA Hawaiian entitlements funds.   The reason is simple.   They and/or their ʻOhana  literally get hundreds of millions dollars in no bid contracts from the US Military for everything from wiring phone systems to collecting unexploded bombs in old US military training like areas between Kona and Waikoloa.   Without tribal status, they are at risk of loosing these incredibly lucrative no-bid contracts.

Why is The United States and their State of Hawaiʻi pushing for this?

The American military overthrew the legal government of The Hawaiian Islands for benefit of building military bases as well as the benefit of less than a dozen wealthy plantation owners and businessmen from America.  President Grover Cleveland and senate investigators determined due to this fact the Kingdom should be restored.  All these facts in addition to lobbying by Queen Lili‘uokalani, other members of the royal family, members of the Hawaiian Kingdom government, and the majority of the citizens through the kuʻe petitions, prevented a treaty of annexation from ever being ratified by US senate.   Because there is no treaty of annexation, the Hawaiian Kingdom still exists and America’s military simply occupies Hawaiʻi.

Then  recently in 1959, America staged an illegal statehood vote to remove The Hawaiian Kingdom from the United Nation’s list of nations to decolonize.   We come to the present time, and America actually doesn’t hold any legal title nor can legally convey title.   If they can speed up self determination through “Nation Building” by having the state of Hawaiʻi fund it, then they may have a Native American Tribe that can settle land rights.  Unfortunately, America funding “Nation Building” through OHA to push for land settlements, is not only illegal and immoral, it is a war crime under Geneva Conventions.

Self determination is not a function of the occupying state.   It is a function of the Lāhui.

Why was the recent 1959 statehood vote illegal?

The United Nations’ charter and resolutions such as number 742* lay clear legal guidelines for self determination and decolonization.

The Hawaiian Kingdom was on a list of countries to decolonize at the United Nations.  America used the statehood vote to remove The Hawaiian Kingdom from this list at the United Nations.  The statehood vote violated 3 provisions in the United Nations’ charters and resolutions so using the vote to remove The Hawaiian Kingdom from the list was illegal.

1) The required option of decolonization and return to sovereignty was not an option on the vote. The vote had only 1 option, integration with America. This does not fulfill UN requirements.

2) Only decedents of Hawaiian Nationals can be allowed to vote under UN policy. It is illegal to let the occupier vote if they want to continue occupying the country. However, that is what America did, it let US military personal vote, colonizers from America to vote and migrant laborers to vote.

3) The UN policy has a mandate called the “sacred trust” that America must place the interest of Hawaiian Nationals above the interests of its own during the statehood vote. However, the U.S. initiated an intense pro-statehood propaganda campaign as well as an smear campaign on anyone opposing the statehood vote. Once more making the 1959 statehood vote illegal.