Protecting Hawaiian Kingdom Legacy Is Today’s Kuleana

The following dynamics are in play today, at a time that the historical facts and events of the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom by the United States have been fully uncovered and disclosed.

As a consequence, the legal implications and options that have arisen, particularly in international venues of justice, have taken root in communities throughout the islands, to the concern of many in Washington, D.C., the state Capitol and on Merchant Street.

Fundamentally, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs is opposed to the restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Though it is a given that the United States did illegally conspire to overthrow the kingdom, OHA has asserted strongly that the rights, advantages and opportunities available to our people as Native Americans through the United States and its Department of Interior provide the best possible option for our people and the future of the Islands.

Native Hawaiian activist Walter Ritte at the state capitol.

In keeping with the efforts initiated by Queen Liliuokalani, the Acting Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom determined that the United States is an illegal occupier of the islands, subject to war crimes pursuant to international law, judicial precedent and breach of treaties entered into with the Hawaiian Kingdom. In their pursuit of international justice at the Hague, the AGHK has been deliberate, methodical and low-key, lending to an increasing awareness and support throughout the islands.

With President Barack Obama’s tenure ending in January 2017, and the increasing pressure of the AGHK, which is now before the International Court of Justice as well as the International Criminal Court, OHA is intent on fulfilling the procedural requirements of Hawaiian nationhood, pursuant to the U.S. Department of Interior. Such a move would be welcomed by the new president, irrespective of party affiliations, given the significant national security interests of the United States in the Hawaiian Islands.

Notwithstanding the increasing pressure by the AGHK internationally, the United States, the State of Hawaii and OHA will define the territorial and jurisdictional purview of the Hawaiian nation. It will enhance the political and financial structures of the islands, while effectively limiting the interests of our people to that of the proposed Hawaiian nation.

As such, the real property and revenues of OHA and the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands will likely be transitioned and vested in the Hawaiian nation as part of DOI’s requirements.

It should come as no surprise that the underlying objective of the Hawaiian nation under the United States in the 21st century is to mute the voices of Native Hawaiians who are demanding that the United States abide by and be held accountable for violations and disregard of the rule of law in the islands.

It is critical that our people protect our alii trusts by exposing the power grab, deceit, lies and theft of the Queen Emma Trust and the true character of those who are ultimately the successors of Sanford Dole and those who overthrew our kingdom.

The United States has partnered with various interests in the islands since the overthrow of the kingdom to solidify a political and financial structure that advance both national and local agendas. In this pursuit, the principals who have effectively led OHA down the path of the Hawaiian nation will be ideally positioned to target our remaining alii trusts.

In keeping with the desire of many who seek to force the sale of all leasehold lands in the islands, the most valuable of which are retained by trusts established for the sole benefit of Native Hawaiians, the Bishop Estate and Queen Liliuokalani Trust will become major targets, not unlike the Queen Emma Trust that was discretely dissolved by the Democratic Party in 1967.

Given the likelihood of a second President Clinton in 2017, former Gov. John Waihee and his cousin, OHA Chairman Bob Lindsay, who have been close political allies of Bill Clinton over the years, are ideally situated to assume control of all the assets of the remaining alii trusts, not unlike former Gov. John Burns, Bob Oshiro and Kenny Brown.

In light of these circumstances and the likely outcome of the U.S. presidential elections, and assuming that the power and influence of the United States succeeds in draining the commitment and limited resources of the AGHK, it is critical that our people protect our alii trusts by exposing the power grab, deceit, lies and theft of the Queen Emma Trust and the true character of those political powers who are ultimately the successors of Sanford Dole and those who overthrew our kingdom.

The alii trusts represent a commitment whose origins arose from our ancient civilization, culture and system of governance, all of which have been committed to ensuring the health and welfare of our families in perpetuity. With or without the restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom, the Queen Emma Trust must be restored.

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